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kygeologist is a KSPG-sponsored Internet e-mail distribution list for the discussion about geology in Kentucky. Anyone, whether amateur, student, teacher, or professional geologist, may join and it's free. Discussion topics may range from general geology questions, to meeting information, to professional techniques. Everyone is invited to join this discussion list, but posts to the list may only be made by subscribers to the list.

To subscribe...

  1. send an e-mail to
  2. leave subject line blank,
  3. in body of the email (text part) type subscribe kygeologist Firstname Lastname (use your firstname and last name),
  4. delete any signature lines,
  5. then send it.
  6. To prevent spam from automated e-mail services you will receive a Command confirmation request; follow the instructions to complete your subscription request.
  7. When you have successfully subscribed, you will receive a welcome message that describes how to use the listserve software. It contains information on sending messages to the list and how to leave the list. Save this welcome message; you will need it later.

To send a question, comment, or answer to the group...

  1. send an e-mail to
  2. put appropriate information in the subject line,
  3. type your comment in the text area,
  4. and send it (it will be distributed to everyone on the list).

To leave the list (removing your subscription)

  1. send an e-mail to -- anything on the subject line will be ignored
  2. in the body of the e-mail (text part) type signoff kygeologist,
  3. delete any signature lines,
  4. and send it. You will receive a message confirming you have been removed from the list.