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Welcome to 2004! I have been on the Executive Committee in some capacity for 5 years now, and have witnessed the difficulty the committee goes through to organize various events and fulfill obligations and requests of other organizations. This year I would like to focus on a few issues (some ongoing and some new) and making advances on the completion of these issues. I have been attending meetings of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (Kentucky Section) and have noticed that our Executive Committee meetings parallel on similar issues. I have addressed these observations, and I think AIPG and KSPG will be working more closely, so as not to duplicate efforts, but to enhance our expertise.

One of the issues we will be addressing will be a class for a Geologist-in-Training (GIT). A GIT would be a candidate for registration as a professional geologists who is a graduate of a school approved by the Kentucky Board of Registration for Professional Geologists, or who has had 4 years or more of education or experience, or both, in geological work that meets standards specified by the Board in its rules. A GIT would not be a licensed practicing geologist.

We also have scholarships for geology students to allow them to attend field trips. We have not followed set guidelines on the presentation of these scholarships, and I would like to draw up a set of guidelines for us to follow.

AIPG will be holding its 2005 national convention in Lexington. I have extended our organization's help to them.

This year our field trip will be to the Bighill roadcut, which has exposures of Middle and Upper Mississippian stratigraphy and depositional environments. We have a number of experienced people to lead this trip. AIPG will be joining us as a co-sponsor. It seems that lately we have been having the good fortune to get field trip leaders to geologic sites that have been chosen as distinguished geologic sites (DGS). This is not the norm, but we have a committee that looks into a site to see if it fits the criteria for a DGS. If it does, then the next step is to see how much willingness and participation we can muster up to bring about recognition by the appropriate city and county. So far the Bighill exposure qualifies as a DSG at a number of levels. So now we will see what support we can round up.

I will post Executive Committee meeting dates, places, and times on the Society's Web site. These meetings are open to all. I will also post the minutes of the meeting on the Web site, once they are approved, and would encourage constructive feedback.

The rest will be our usual schedule:


Richard Smath


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